Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Supporting and maintaining information technology can be a major investment for organizations of all sizes. Valuable resources that could be allocated to the organization’s initiatives are consumed when non-technical staff and unqualified IT personnel attempt to perform this support and maintenance.

As a result, most organizations are constantly looking for ways to reduce IT maintenance and support investments. Managed IT Services (MIS) from WesTechs is a way to do just that.

MIS can produce savings for your organization while freeing your staff from the day-to-day IT tasks and challenges that divert their attention away from the core mission of the organization.

Based upon your specific needs, MIS combines professional services performed by experienced support engineers with the industry’s best products and solutions.

This powerful combination results in a complete IT department delivering solutions to your organization without the expenses that accompany payroll and benefits.

MIS is a true "end-to-end" solution that will cover all IT aspects within your organization. Take comfort in knowing that your IT investment is following industry standard best practices and that personalized help is always just a phone call away.

Our proven approach directly benefits you in that you can refocus your resources on the strategic growth of your organization while protecting your investments in technology.

Contact us to see how you will benefit from Managed IT Services offered by WesTechs with no sales pressure.

What's Included

Any of our services can be included in a Managed Services agreement with WesTechs. Some of the most popular include:

Get protection for all of your servers and workstations from viruses and other malicious software.

Around the clock monitoring
Reduce downtime and maintain business continuity by monitoring critical elements of your IT equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Asset Management
Get help with software and hardware audits, warranty status, budgeting and purchasing tasks.

Automatic software updates
Eliminate security vulnerabilities and increase functionality by automatically keeping the operating system and various software packages on your servers and workstations at their latest versions.

Custom email & spam protection
Equip your entire organization with email. Prevent spam and viruses from entering your inboxes.

Offsite backups
Supplement your backup strategy with offsite backups to protect against theft, fire, flood and other local risks.

Server & workstation management
Our management software proactively monitors your equipment producing detailed reports and warns of impending issues.

Technical & help-desk support
Keep your staff productive by providing them with support when they need it.